Our services for purchasers of property:

Contract Check

Ensure that the offer and acceptance contract clearly identifies property that is being purchased.

Post Settlement Follow Up

Follow up search after settlement ensuring the Property Title is in your name.

Landgate Documents

Prepare correct Landgate documents and ensure they are correctly executed.

Attend Settlement

Attend settlement meeting on your behalf.

Outstanding Property Debts

Ensure there is no outstanding orders / monies on property being purchased that may be owed to debtors.

Seller Communications

Communicate with sellers settlement agent / representative.

Rates Adjustment

Shire and water rates are adjusted accordingly.

Bank Communications

Communicate with buyer’s banks / lending institution to satisfy all requirements are met and to ensure all funds and documents are ready for agreed upon settlement date

Buyer Encumbrances

Ensure Buyer is aware of any encumbrances (a claim that does not prohibit passing title to the property)

Completed On Time

All conditions and special conditions in contract are completed on time.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is paid as required on your behalf to the Office of State Revenue.